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Automotive Key and Locksmith Services

Our Mobile Automotive  Locksmith services offer wide range of services related to the keys and locks of vehicles. These services  include everything from creating new keys for a vehicle to repairing or replacing damaged locks, Emerency car unlocking


Some common services our automotive key and locksmiths include:

  • Cutting new keys: If you have lost the keys to your vehicle or need a spare set, our mobile locksmith can cut new keys for you we  come to the vehicle location or you can visit our shop location conveniently located in heart of Tulsa, OK. This service can be done by using a key code, which is a series of numbers that corresponds to your car VIN number number it all key generation services require proof of ownership for that vehicle to obtain specific cuts on the key.

  • Car Key duplication: If you have key and in need of creating a backup key for your vehicle that you can use in case you lose your primary set of keys or if they become damaged or inoperable. Having a spare key can be very helpful in situations where you need to get into your vehicle but do not have access to your primary set of keys. Visit our shop location for this service.

  • Programming transponder keys: Many modern vehicles are equipped with transponder keys, which are electronic keys that contain a small chip that communicates with the vehicle's immobilizer system. If you need a new transponder key, our locksmith technicians have the best tools and knowledge to program key or remote to work with your vehicle.

  • Car remote control: We sell and program remote controls for vehicles, also known as key fobs, which are small electronic devices used to remotely lock and unlock a vehicle's doors, trunk, and sometimes even start the engine. Keep in mind that key fobs are specific to each year make and model of vehicle, so it is important to make sure you let our technicians know your car information before purchasing a key fob or locksmiths will make sure its compatible with your vehicle. 

  • Universal car keys and remote: is a type of key fob that is designed to work with a wide range of different vehicle makes and models. Unlike traditional key fobs, which are specific to a particular make and model of vehicle, universal car key remotes are intended to be compatible with a variety of different vehicles. We also sell and program these a lot of times they will be priced lower then the OEM remotes.

  • Replacing damaged or broken locks: If the locks on your vehicle are damaged or broken, our mobile locksmiths can repair or replace them for you. This can be done by removing the damaged lock and installing a new one, or by repairing the existing lock so that it functions properly again.

  • Extracting broken keys: If you have broken a key off in the lock of your vehicle, we can extract it for you. This can be done using special tools designed to remove the broken key without damaging the lock. Not all broken keys are possible to extract some times we have to replace car lock. New cylinder lock can be rekeyed to match the existing key cuts so you wont have to have two keys. 

  • Unlocking locked vehicles: If you have locked your keys inside your vehicle or the locks have become damaged and you are unable to unlock the door, our techs can unlock the vehicle for you. This can be done using specialized tools designed to open the door without causing any damage.

Overall, our automotive key and locksmith service are designed to help you with a wide range of issues related to the keys and locks of your vehicle. 


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