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Commercial Locksmith Services

New Keys
Picking a Lock

Our commercial locksmiths professionals specializes in providing locksmith services to businesses and other commercial properties. We have the knowledge and expertise to install, repair, and maintain a wide range of lock systems, including traditional mechanical locks, electronic locks, and access control systems.



Modern Architecture


Lock installation and repair:

Our trained locksmiths can install new locks on doors, safes, and other secure areas. They can also repair or replace damaged locks.


Emergency services

Mobile locksmith techs can help businesses in case of lockouts, lost keys, or other emergencies. They can also assist with the repair or replacement of locks and keys in the event of damage or theft.


Panic hardware installation:

We specialize in panic hardware installation and trained to properly install and maintain these devices, ensuring that they are functioning properly and meet all relevant building codes and regulations.


Master key systems:

We can create a master key system, which allows multiple keys to open different locks within a building or complex.


Commercial door adjustment:

 We have the best professional to handle commercial door adjustments. They have the skills and expertise to identify any issues with the door and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it is functioning properly and securely.


Door Closures

We can help businesses and organizations choose the right type of door closure for their needs and install the closure properly to ensure that it functions correctly and meets all relevant building codes and regulations. In addition to selling and installing door closures, we also able to repair or replace damaged or malfunctioning door closures.


Great customer service by Mobile Locksmith. Reasonable pricing and quality work. I highly recommend for installation of locks and creating new keys.

Zach J.

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