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Key wear

We use these little things every day without even realizing how important they are until tha unlock button is not working or our car doesn't start. We push it over and over in hope that this will solve the issue but the reality is opposite we keep destroying it even more.

Most of the issues with key fobs or prox keys coming from our own abuse we drop them to many times, don't check our jeans pockets and run them through the wash machine. Sometimes we in place where we feel it's important that our car is locked. So we push that lock button until we hear that horn confirmed it's locked but then it honks several times our fear essentialy wasn't satisfied with the first honk so 3 more times to make sure it's locked.

These remotes are actually genuinely very simple they signal to the car what command computer should perform. It can lock or unlock the door remotely start the vehicle on some roll down the window to air the car out. The computer has to know the id of remote to cooperate with it essentially it's like tv remote once you pair it it will operate your car otherwise it's just sending signals to thin air. The simplest way to maintain the remote is to use it gently, not press the buttons to hard,

If you start seeing the signal get shorter and you need to get closer to the vehicle for the remote to operate it's time to replace the battery. Avoid water and moisture like any electronic it will damage the circuits and corrosion will start growing on the electrical board. If you open the case to replace the battery and see bluish discoloration of the metal it's getting coroded. In case of corrosion you can use rubbing alcohol after you remove the battery and try to clean the board with it it will only prolong the life of that remote for little while because corrosion means the product protection coding is not there no more so you need to prepare to purchase secondary remote at that point . If casing on your remote is damaged most remotes offer replacement one. That will protect the electronics inside from getting moisture in them and give your remote a fresh clean look like a new case on your phone. Don't throw the car remotes in a purse with big key ring it can cause a solder joints to get loose form all the bouncing around. Best put all the remote with car key separated in your pocket so it stays less loose like in back pack or purse.

It's simple keep your remote safe from elements, fresh back up battery in glove box is always good idea. They should last you for years to have the comfort you use every day!

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